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Youths Burn Down NYS Toilet in Kibera



Barely 24 hours since 400 youths drawn from various slums in Nairobi went to the streets to demonstrate in support of Ann Waiguru,another group of youths in Kibera have burnt down a toilet that was built by the National Youth Service.

The toilet which was built in January this year was meant to serve Kibera residents who for a long time have been lacking such amenities.NYS had also built several toilets to replace the infamous flying toilets in order to improve the living conditions of Kibera residents.

Early 2014, NYS was re branded and part of their duties was to help clean up the informal settlements and also create job opportunities for the youths.

The government is also keen on upgrading the largest slum in Africa.Already,several housing units have been built in Kibera and more houses are set to be constructed in 2016.

Raila Odinga,who was the Member of Parliament for Kibera for 25 years,initiated the slum upgrading project while serving as the Prime Minister in the coalition government.