Moi University Law School to be closed


moi university
More than 1,500 students who are currently pursuing a Degree in Law will be forced to look for other courses to do within the institution or in other Institutions following the Council of Legal Education’s order for closure of the school.

On Tuesday, the council wrote a lengthy letter to the Institution’s Vice Chancellor Professor Richard Mibey stating that the school does not have the capacity to offer law courses. This was after the council of legal education inspected the facilities and noted that they were not even suitable to offer a certificate course in Law.

“The score attained during the inspection was 36.5 per cent, which does not meet the threshold of 67 per cent for full accreditation. It is noteworthy that the institution has scored poorly in all areas,” reads the letter in parts

The VC has therefore been instructed to close the school and release the students to other institutions which have the capacity to offer the course.

This is not the first time local Universities are facing such cases: In June 2015, the Engineering Board of Kenya released names of Universities accredited to offer Engineering course in Kenya. Some big names like Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University and Technical University of Kenya were missing.

More than 20,000 students in the institutions which not accredited are still confused on what to do next.

Below is the list of Universities accredited to offer Engineering courses in Kenya-according to the list released by EBK
• University of Nairobi
• Moi University
• Egerton University
• Dedan Kimathi University


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