How Mudavadi Plans to Spoil for Raila in 2017-Again


Musalia Mudavadi is not new to controversies when it comes to elections.

The shortest serving Vice President in Kenyan history vied for the top seat in 2013 but only garnered a mere 483,981 04.0 votes, mostly from his Bukusu people.

Prior to 2013 election date, Mudavadi was seen campaigning in Luhya land only, meaning he had no intention of winning the general election, but he wanted to spoil for someone. In fact, Peter Keneth looked more ambitious than Mudavadi since he was seen traversing the whole nation looking for votes here and there. If you ever saw Mudavadi campaign in your village, raise up your hand!

The year 2017 is fast approaching and already Mudavadi has indicated he is aiming Uhuru’s seat,which is normal for a politician of his caliber.During the Bukusu festival on Saturday, he called for Luhya unity and warned his opponents in the Presidential race that his time is now. What was so suspect is how fast Eugene Wamalwa, who is the current water Minister and Uhuru’s friend, endorsed Mudavadi for the top seat. One would wonder whether Eugene, who always eats with Uhuru from the same plate, will dump Uhuru for Mudavadi in 2017, knowing very well Mudavadi has zero chances of being the President.

Mudavadi knows very well Raila is banking on Luhya votes to win the Presidency, he will therefore remain neutral to attract the highest bidder.Uhuru being the current President and the richest man in Kenya, will obvious come with a fat cheque.Raila will lose there and then if Mudavadi decides to do what he did in 2013.

The only hope for the CORD leader is to attract Mudavadi and the entire Luhya community leaders to his side.

It is reported that Nyanza, Western and Coast regions have the highest new registered voters. If the numbers will decide to vote for Raila in 2017, then Uhuru will lose in broad daylight. But the problem is Raila’s people vote with their mouth as they leave Uhuru to thrive.