Best Universities to study Masters in Kenya


Masters degree is a level where an individual has made up his mind regarding his future career advancements.

Unlike undergraduate course, masters degree gives an individual opportunity to specialize in a field that could improve his profile as well as expose them to potential employers.

It is always advisable to be careful which kind of masters program to pursue as well as the university to take your training. Most employers prefer professionals with advanced skills in their fields of specialization. If you are the type who want to pursue your masters just to add academic papers without earning the required skills, you will be rejected.

As a wise Kenyan,you should not focus your mind in working for Kenyan companies only.Aim at working for big companies in UK,USA,Canada,Australia and South Africa.To work for these companies you must have certificates from universities with international mention.Don’t just enroll for a course in a university just because it’s cheap;consider quality.

Following careful analysis of local universities, the following are the best universities to study in Kenya: they have good reputation out here.

1. University of Nairobi
2. Kabarak University
3. Strathmore University
4. Moi University
5. KCA University
6. Baraton University
8. Maseno University
9. Egerton University
10. Machakos University
11. University of Eldoret
12. Kabianga University
13. USIU
14. Daystar University