I’m Single, Lonely And Starving- Bad Black(Shanita Namuyimba)



Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has shocked Ugandans with her claim that she is desperately in need of a man to love her.

On Thursday morning,Namuyimba called a local radio, Beat FM, morning show segment “Zuula Munno”, and confessed that before she was arrested, her former boyfriend, Richard, was madly in love with her and promised to continue loving her after serving full sentence. But upon release, Shanita was shocked when she discovered that Richard had moved on, he was engaged to another woman.

Namuyimba was left desperate and heavily wounded-but she has moved on.

Bad Black’s yoyo formerly her greatest ass-et, is now a shadow of her former self and wants to date any man who is ready to settle with a former convict.

shanita namuyimba



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