Driver and woman found ‘stuck’ after s€x marathon in a Kitengela matatu (Video)



There was drama in Kitengela after a driver and a female passenger got stuck in a matatu when making love.

The incident occurred in the popular town on 17th Tuesday, 2016 at noon shortly after the female passenger had boarded the matatu, waiting to be ferried to Nairobi.

It is alleged that the two had agreed to meet and complete the unfinished business. When they met, hell broke loose when the man realized his thing was stuck deep inside the woman’s genitals and no one was around to help him. After struggling to remove it, by force, he was defeated by the power if a witch doctor. The man had nothing to hide, embarrassed, he yelled for help

The woman’s husband, who arrived minutes later when the news spread like bush fire, told on lookers that he had been suspecting his wife, which prompted him to visit a Kajiado witch doctor. He smiled and thanked God several times as he demanded Sh 500,000 from the man before he could let the witch Doctor send him to the creator.