Breaking News Kisii: Fire At St Andrew Kaggwa Boys Nyansiongo



There is huge fire at St Andrew Kaggwa Boys Kisii.

The fire started at around 5.30 PM in one of the dormitories, destroying almost the entire dormitory.

Reports from Nyansiongo indicates that the fire broke out when students were taking supper, no student was near the dormitory. Since the school is situated kilometers from the tarmacked road, it took fire fighters hours to arrive. Fortuntely, no student was injured.

The cause of the fire has not been established but the eye witnesses have ruled out electricity fault since by the time the fire broke out, there was electricity black out at the school.

St Andrew Kaggwa Boys becomes the third school in Kisii to experience fire tragedy in two weeks. Others include Itierio Boys High School and Nyamache Boys Hight