Best Diploma and Certificate Courses to do in Kenya with a D,D+ and D-


What are the best certificate and diploma courses to do in Kenya with a D,D+ and D-?

If you scored a D, D+ or D- in KCSE, never lose hope, there are several marketable courses you can pursue with such a grade and become a successful Kenyan.

Nowadays, it’s not all about what you scored in high school, but what you can contribute to the society . With a D-, you can pursue a a popular course that can make you a successful entrepreneur or score an A and pursue a useless course.

Based on all the diploma and certificate courses offered in Kenyan colleges, the following are the best courses for a D student.

  1. Advanced Massage Certificate
  2. Nail technology
  3. Certificate in Plumping
  4. Certificate in Cake Baking
  5. Certificate in Masonry
  6. Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  7. Certificate in Beauty Therapy
  8. Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  9. Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  10. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
  11. Diploma in Front Office Management
  12. Diploma in Customer Service
  13. Diploma in Tourism Travel & Business Studies(tours & Travels)
  14. Certificate in Catering & Accommodation Operations
  15. Diploma in Food & Beverage Production Sales & Services
  16. Certificate in Food & Beverage Production Sales & Services
  17. Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  18. Certificate in Automotive Engineering
  19. Full Secretarial Course
  20. Diploma in Education
  21. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Technology
  22. Certificate in Cabin Crew
  23. Diploma and Certificate in electrical and Electronics Engineering
  24. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

All the listed courses above are very marketable in the Kenyan job market. All you need is a D- and above for you to be allowed to pursue them.

Apart from being marketable, they also offer skills for entrepreneurship, which most graduates lack.

The best college to pursue the courses include Technical University of Kenya, Nairobi Institute of Business Studies and Utalii College.

The courses usually take 3 months to 2 years.