17-Years-Old Botswana Explain Shocking Details of How She Was Infected With HIV.See Her Testimony Below



Tlotlo Lillian Moilwa is 17 years old HIV positive girl but has seen it all in regards to stigma and the consequences of the disease. But the Botswana girl is determined to live as long as God has blessed her. Below is the girl’s testimony.

My name is Tlotlo Lillian Moilwa, a yun Botswana lady age 17 yrs 5 months schooling at Moshupa senior school, I was born in a family of 2, my 22 years old sis and I. My mom passed on when I was 6 that was in 2006 and my dad when I was 8.both my parents died because of AIDS, if am well informed. You that there is what we call mother to child transmission! Yes that’s how i got HIV. I am living positively with this virus. The fact that am HIV positive is not a barrier to anything i want to do just like any other person, i date, i have fun but no i don’t take liquor like most youth. Like any other living soul, i got ups and downs in life just like any other HIV infected person would, it haunts me, i would sometimes ask myself questions such as why me? But no i don’t blame my mom or dad! I don’t know how they got the virus as well, so why would I point fingers? With the help of TEEN CLUB, my supportive aunt, grandmother, sister and Nnuku moreki i have accepted myself!

Growing up knowing that I am HIV positive, it wasn’t a pleasing thing at a whenever a teacher stood up in front of me to talk about STI’s i would feel uncomfortable in class, get embarrassed, shed tears as i will be having that feeling that everyone could see that am positive, but hey look at me now, am going 18.i did very well in my pass years. Got an A at PSLE and B on my JC, this year i will be taking my BGCSE, and still am gonna do wonders. My dear brother and sister out there don’t let being HIV positive let u down, we can all do and we will!!!! Regardless of this its actuallynoth. Keep focused