Over 2 million Uncollected IDs from Kikuyu Tribe,Raila is Finished



It is now obvious Prime Minister Raila Odinga will lose this year’s election after it was established that over 2 million National IDS belonging to the people of central Kenya have not been collected from the Immigration department. This means that this particular population has not registered as voters and if they are pushed to register, Raila will be defeated before the cock crows.

Currently, President Kenyatta has a total of 6 million registered voters who will vote for him while Raila is assured of only 4.1 million votes. The president requires less than 1.2 million votes to be declared president again.Now, the only prayer Raila will hold is for the people of Central not to vote as they did in 2013, otherwise he is finished.

See the number of uncollected IDs from Central Kenya Counties.




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