My Wife’s Bedroom Noise Disturbs Neighbours, Now They Want to Report to Police, Can I Divorce Her



I am Ogolla and I live in Nairobi. I recently moved from Kisumu to Nairobi in an apartment in Donholm.My problem is my wife’s bedroom noise.

When I was in Kisumu, my house had its own compound and I was used to the noise from my wife but in Nairobi I was shocked when my neighbours informed me two days after we settled that I must stop her from shouting during the act.

Friday this week, after my wife became persistent, one of my neighbours told me he will report me to police. I have tried to talk with my wife but he tells me,”it’s my nature and the noise is natural, there is no way I can control it”.Her noise is “yaye,nimalize,ingiza yote”

I believe the best way is to divorce her so that I can live in peace, we still don’t have children. Is this the right decision?