Nilisikia Wanaume Wakisema, Mshike, Ingiza Yote,Kufika Huko Nikapata Wanafanya hii


I was in my aunt’s place, relaxing in the bedroom. I heard voices from men in the next room,” , Mshike, Ingiza Yote.

Niliamka na kuchingulia but didn’t see anything. I went back to sleep.

After 10 minutes, I heard a baby cry and a woman begging, then commotions. I rushed to see what was happening. I heard a man tell a fellow man, mshike na uingize yote,hawezisumbua sisi hivi.Then a woman,cried,hamweziweka yote,huyu ni mdogo”.I became curious.

I hit the door with a hammer once and broke the door. Only to find they were doing this-injecting a drug to a resisting baby