Where to hide in case there is war/violence in your country /Town



Where do you hide in case of war/violence in your country/town? Below we provide a guide on what to do in case you notice violence/war near your home.


If you live in villages, the best thing to do is rush to the bush and hide there. Even if the bush is 5 kilometers away, it’s safe to hide there than stay at home.


In case of fierce fighting, please run to a nearby an embassy. Embassies are protected by local and foreign security forces. This is one of the safest places to hide when it gets worse.

Near a river

Another place to hide is near a river. Normally, fighting happens in the land. In case the attackers notice you, it will be easy for you to escape especially if you know how to swim.

Army barracks

Army barracks provide refuge for vulnerable people. If there is an army barrack near you, you can even hide near the gate.

Police post

Another place to hide is inside police post. During fighting, it’s hard for the police officers to deny you entry into their compound when you are not armed.

UN Offices

If you are living near UN offices it will be of much benefit if you run to the offices. Since part of UN’s work is to secure the safety of refugees, you will have good times inside the institution’s compound.


When you hid on the mountain/hill, you will be able to see attackers approaching and take appropriate action.

At the airport

Another place you can hide without worrying about attacks is at the airport. This is one of the most protected area and before its always the last to be attacked.

Where not to hide

Please don’t hide in the church, don’t hide in schools, don”t hide on trees,don’t hide in churches or mosques. Attackers are people who are willing to do anything, they cannot sympathize with you.