How Gordon Conned me Ksh 80,000 for Burial of My Father Through WhatsApp Group and How I recovered it


Gordon is the man I won’t forget until now. He is one of my trusted friends and I couldn’t imagine he would do what he did to me, but my revenge was sweet.

My father had been suffering from Diabetes, it had taken toll of his health and he was on his death bed since last year. In May this year, he gave up the ghost. After his death, we went to Nairobi CBD and started funeral arrangement and fundraising. Since Gordon is good with social media and mobilizing people, we gave him the responsibility of forming a WhatsApp group to collect money from workmates and our friends, I gave him the list of people he would add to the group. I also formed my WhatsApp group specifically for family members and neighbours.

After 3 weeks of fundraising, I collected Ksh 144,300 and my friend collected Ksh 80,100. I told him to forward the money to me so that I can pay the hospital bill and finance my father’s funeral. He said he would send the following day. That following day I waited for the money and didn’t get it, I decided to call Gordon. To my surprise, he had already blocked me. I tried his Airtel number and it went through, only for him to tell me to go to hell because he was the one who fundraised. That statement broke my heart.

The following day I went to his house only for him to chase me away saying that I don’t have authority over the money because he used his number and WhatsApp to collect. The worst thing is that he warned me against going to his house without permission.

Since my main aim was to bury my father, I went ahead with funeral arrangements and we buried him. But Gordon was even collecting the money after I had buried my father. I went ahead and warned friends not to continue paying.

I kept on begging for the money but he blocked me everywhere.Out of anger,I decided to recover my money by all means.I had been conned before and I used this trick and it worked.I decided not to go to the police but to use other means so as to teach Gordon a lesson.I had lost my father and he is here inflicting more pain me.As a man I couldn’t stomach anything more.I had the contacts of Dr Mugwenu who had helped me recover my previous money.His contacts are:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I called his number +254740637248

Mugwenu promised to help me, he asked for the man’s name and details.

After three days,I heard somebody knocking my door,it was Gordon.For the first time I saw a man of his age crying like a baby.He was carrying an envelope with the Ksh80,000.Gordon explained that he had not gone to the toilet for three days and that his stomach continues to grow.He had gone to hospital and the doctors did not diagnose any disease. He asked for forgiveness. I warned him severally not to do what he did.I called Mugwenu and told him about what transpired. That’s when he decided to help Gordon recover—but the man had suffered enough.

If there’s anyone who has conned you money, just call +254740637248 and you will get help.