Top Football teams in the world 2019


Manchester City has been ranked as the best team in the world followed by Bayern Munich.A list of top teams in the world was released this week and the most shocking part is that Manchester United was ranked at position 34 while Arsenal position 28

FiveThirtyEight is the company behind the list after it employed its algorithm which considers the number of trophies won over the recent past, UEFA Champions League appearance, performance against other major teams and a host of other factors. Manchester United was found to be weaker than Arsenal and Chelsea and only stronger than Roma.

Here is the new list of top football clubs in the world:

1) Man City

2) Bayern Munich

3) Liverpool

4) Barcelona

5) Chelsea

6) PSG

7) Real Madrid

8) Atlético Madrid

9) Olympiacos

10) Ajax

11) Atalanta

12) Tottenham

13) Leverkusen

14) Inter Milan

15) Juventus

16) Valencia

17) Porto

18) Napoli

19) Eibar

20) RB Leipzig

25) Dortmund

26) Everton

28) Arsenal

33) Young Boys

34) Man United

41) Roma