Kenyan politician fly outside the country to change blood after ARV drugs failed to work while he was campaigning


A top Kenyan politician travelled outside the country this week after ARV drugs he was using failed to work completely. The politician, who is among the senior government officials took the tablets for three consecutive days but they never worked. Though he was campaigning, his work rate was lower than usual. He decided to fly out of the country to change blood.

The politician waited until other politicians flew out of the country, he sneaked out leaving other colleagues stranded in the country. He had not indicated that he will be travelling, his journey was abrupt because he needed blood changed urgently.

The politician has been suffering from a chronic disease for 15 years. He was infected with the disease by one of his workers. Ever since, he has infected many women, some of them have died while others are swallowing ARVs.All women who he has slept with say that he does not use protection,he normally asks,”kwani huniamini?”

The politician has a room in Nairobi where he harvests women proper. This year alone, he has chewed over 50 women,4 of them are women who were seeking nomination certificates, they wanted to make him happy. But he didn’t use protection, he infected them.

The politician will jet back into the country over the weekend to continue with campaigns.