Number of votes Ruto will get per region in Kenya 2022


The 2022 elections will be held on 9th August 2022.There are 8 regions in total and Ruto is expected to lead in two regions, Rift Valley and Mount Kenya. Based on latest opinion polls,Ruto will get 48.5% of the total votes cast against Raila’s 50.1% .

An expert who correctly predicted election results for 2017 has also predicted for 2022.He has listed the 8 regions and the number of votes Ruto will get in each region. Here are the figures:

Rift Valley=3.8 million






Central Kenya=2.1 million

North Eastern=210,000

Ruto will get 8.76 million of the total votes cast.

One of the major things that will affect Ruto’s result is the voter turnout. In Mount Kenya, less than 75% of the registered voters will turn out to vote.

Ruto will also be affected by Gusii votes which traditionally split between two top presidential contenders

By 10th August 2022 the winner of this year’s election will be known.