Why Raila’s Face is swollen, did he fight with Gideon Moi?


Raila Odinga’s face is swollen and Kenyans are wondering what really happened to him.Gideon Moi on the other hand has an injured hand. The two are nursing serious injuries. Kenyans speculate that the two fought until someone came to rescue Raila.Sources claim that Gideon punched Raila on the face severally until his hand dislocated. There are also pictured shared online showing Raila drinking with Uhuru and later falling down, thus injuring his face.

A source from his family tells us that he was injured last weekend.Raila was alighting from his when he missed a step and fell down. The impact was big which resulted to the injuries you see on his face. Coincidentally, Gideon Moi was also injured the same time in a different location.

Kenyans are not buying the story of Raila falling down, they insist that there is something that we are not told.Others claim that Gideon Moi had given him Ksh1.8 billion for campaigns and when he went to claim the money, fight ensued.

Others claim that he took alot of alcohol with Uhuru and he fell down while going to the bedroom—he was too drank.

We will continue to dig through the story and get more facts.