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African Countries With Most beautiful Women



Africa is a cradle land for mankind and also a hotbed of beauty. Several countries pride of their beautiful women, but according to latest research only a quarter of those countries have women with stunning beauty. It is shocking that countries like Uganda, Kenya, Botswana and other notable nations are not represented-in simple terms, their women are not as beautiful as those from other African countries.

For your information, countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania are well represented, beating their fellow East African countries like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Southern Sudan.

Below are top countries with most beautiful women in Africa:


Egypt produces the most beautiful women in Africa. According to research, more than 80 % of Egyptian women are beautiful, which is the highest number in Africa and Asia.


Forget about inflation and Mugabe antics. Zimbabwe beats many countries when it comes to beauty. They say if you don’t get a beautiful woman in Zimbabwe you better be single.

In Harare, for every 3 women you meet on the road, 2 are beautiful.

South Africa

South Africa not only produces the most handsome men in Africa.The country has among the most beautiful girls in the continent.

One thing that makes the women rank highly is that most of them are light skinned, which is the most sought colour in Africa.


Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa but one thing you can’t beat them is the beauty of their women.

The women are not only beautiful but charming, something that attracts any man, even the Pope.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo is constantly in war, but never forget,their women have always remained beautiful.

Sometimes you wonder how God rewards a country that has almost lost so much in terms of economic and social integration.


Men in Ghana are handsome, no doubt. Another surprise is that their women are beautiful too. So this country is blessed with looks and beauty.


Tanzania has polite men, handsome men, and beautiful women. I am sure you don’t know this-Tanzania is the most hospitable country in Africa.

Tanzanian women are ranked 8th in terms of beauty and second in East Africa.

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is also not left behind. the West Africa country pride itself of talented footballers, who don’t luck beautiful women in their backyard.


Ethiopia produces not only handsome men but also beautiful women. The country ranks first in East and Central Africa, followed by Tanzania.


Closing the list is Morocco. The North African country has sneaked into the list, not by default but by right. The country has over 50 % of their women classified as beautiful.