Roles of an MCA and County Assembly in Kenya



Roles, duties and responsibilities of an MCA and County Assembly in Kenya are as discussed below.

The County Assembly is the legislative arm of the County Government which makes laws to govern certain operations. The assembly also has oversight responsibilities on the county’s operational activities. The County Assembly consists of elected Members of County Assembly (MCAs) from the wards, nominated members and the Speaker elected by the County Assembly. Nomination of MCAs is done in accordance with the set criteria including ensuring:

  1. i) Gender parity
    ii) Inclusion of persons with disabilities
    iii) Inclusion of the youth
    Role of the County Assembly
  • The legislative authority of a county is vested in, and exercised by, its County Assembly
  • The County Assembly makes any laws that are necessary for the effective performance of the functions and exercise of the powers of the County Government.
  • Exercises oversight over the County Executive Committee and other county executive organs.
  • Receives and approve plans and policies.
  • Approves the budget and expenditure of the County Government
  • Approving borrowing by the County Government.
  • Vets and approves nominees for appointment to county public offices.
  • Should conduct its business in an open manner, and hold its sittings and those of its committees in public.
  • Should facilitate public participation and involvement in the legislative and other business of the assembly and its committees.

Role of Members of the County Assembly (MCAs)

  • Maintain close contact with the electorate and consult them on issues before or under discussion in the County Assembly
  • Present views, opinions and proposals of the electorate to the County Assembly;
  • Attend sessions of the County Assembly and its committees;
  • Provide a linkage between the county assembly and the electorate on public service delivery; and
  • Extend professional knowledge, experience or specialised knowledge to any issue for discussion in the County Assembly
  • Should not directly or indirectly be involved in the executive functions of the County Government and its administration; or in the delivery of services as if the member were an officer or employee of the County Government

Recall of a County Assembly member
The electorate in a county ward may recall their Member of the County Assembly (MCA) before the end of the term of the member on any of the following grounds:

  • If the member is found, after due process of the law, to have violated the provisions of Chapter Six of the Constitution;
  • If the member is found, after due process of the law, to have mismanaged public resources;
  • If the member is convicted of an offence under the Elections Act, 2011.