IEBC Statement on Voter Verification and Audit Exercise,See How Many Registered Voters we Have





We wish to notify the nation that the Commission has finalized the compilation and certification of the Register of Voters for purposes of the 2017 General Election.

The law states that every adult citizen shall exercise the right to vote specified in Article 38(3) of the Constitution if the citizen is registered in the Register of Voters. Section 2 of the Elections Act 2011 (as amended) defines the ―Register of Voters‖ as a current register of persons entitled to vote at an election prepared in accordance with section 3 and includes a register that is compiled electronically.

Section 4 of the Elections Act states that there shall be a register to be known as the Register of Voters which shall comprise of—

  1. a poll register in respect of every polling station;
  2. a ward register in respect of every ward;
  3. a constituency register in respect of every constituency;
  4. a county register in respect of every county; and
  5. a register of voters residing outside Kenya.

The certified Register of Voters for the 2017 General Election has a total of 19,611,423 voters. This number includes 4,393 Diaspora in 5 countries and 5,528 registered in 118 Prisons across the country. Comparatively, the register of voters has increased by 36% (5,222,642 voters) since 2013.

The current Register of Voters consists of voters registered during 2012 (2013 Register of Voters), Continuous Voter Registration (CVR), and Mass Voter Registration (MVR) phase I and II, the Diaspora and persons deprived of liberty (Prisoners).

During the preparation of the register, the Commission took into consideration findings of the biometric verification exercise that took place between May 9 – June 9, 2017 and the KPMG Audit. In particular, the Commission expunged a total of 88,602 deceased persons from the register. The Commission was provided a total of 92,277 records of deceased persons. However, this number was later revised to 88,602 by KPMG after notification that the difference could be that of reportees.

We are aware that the register of voters cannot be completely rid of deceased persons. However, we are confident that the KIEMS technology provides foolproof authentication on Election Day and there will be no room for mischief.

In terms of gender representation, the Commission notes that 53% of those registered are male compared to 47% female. This is a reduction of up to 2% of women representation in the register of voters. On age representation, 51% (9,930,315) of the registered voters represents persons aged 18 – 35 years.

There are 40,883 polling stations that are capped to serve not more than 700 voters each.

The Register of Voters shall be made available online and via SMS for purposes of inspection starting Thursday 29th June 2017 until the Election Day. Meanwhile, the detailed statistics have been availed for review and analysis by other stakeholders.

Thank you.



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