This is How Ruto Answered Questions at Al Jazeera…Everybody Laughed Except his Supporters


Deputy President William Ruto was fortunate to be interviewed at Al Jazeera. The DP was full of confident and ready to tackle any question with precision.

Ruto started and finished like this:

Al Jazeera: why was a low voter turnout in Kenya as compared to the August elections???

Ruto: the reason is simple. Raila’s organized militia denied some citizens their democratic rights of voting. But that only amount to 9%. So Raila didn’t manage to convince a lot of Kenyans because we’ve acquired almost 7.5million votes.

Al Jazeera: Mr Ruto we all know that the number of registered voters in Kenya is more than 19 million, if we subtract 7.5 million, will it amount to 9%??? Is that a small amount according to you???

Ruto: you know it’s because of Raila’s organized militia as I told you earlier.

Al Jazeera: Mr Ruto you’re not getting me well. We’re talking about numbers….