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Atwoli is a No Nonsense Kenyan-See What He Has Told Ruto



COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli is playing offensive against Deputy President William Ruto.The longest serving COTU boss has condemned the DP of talking as if he owns Kenya.

He says:

“William Ruto is not being honest to himself. He knows too well that it is Raila who made him. He also knows very well that it’s the same Raila whom he want to retire from politics that can decide to send him packing and he’ll go the following day. It pains me too, listening to Deputy President talking as if he owns Kenya. He cannot force his leadership on Kenyans. From the figures at Bomas of Kenya, it is true that they are being cooked. You don’t need rocket science to know that whatever being presented by Chebukati and his team, are pure fabrications. Did you see millions of Kenyans queuing to vote? NO! The moment Uhuru will be declared the winner, it will mark the beginning of another process of removing him and his deputy from power. And by the way, William should know that if Raila were to retire from active politics today, he would leave behind a host of leaders who will be sharply opposed to his style of leadership and would give him a lot of headache than Raila. If Kenyans are quiet, don’t think they don’t know what’s going on. They are only waiting for the final whistle.”