Genuine Illuminati Church in Kenya: How to Join and Become a Millionaire

Genuine Illuminati Church in Kenya: How to Join and Become a Millionaire


If you’re tired of being broke, tired of being laughed at and tired of being hungry, joining Illuminati is one of the few options of becoming a millionaire. But getting a genuine church is next to impossibility. However, one man by the name Peter has revealed a secret we didn’t know.

Peter sent us an email last  week, which we authenticated, that he joined an Illuminati church located in the border of Kenya and Tanzania three years ago. It happened that one of his friends was growing richer and richer but had not revealed to Peter the source of his wealth. The friend opened up one day and revealed how easily he got the wealth even without a sweat.Peter’s friend  was driving a Lexus worth Ksh 21 million and was living in Kileleshwa.Before then, he was a permanent resident of Mathare slums.Peter was convinced to join the ever growing religion and is now a millionaire.

What has shocked us in this email is that joining Illuminati is free.Peter gave the following details and we contacted the individuals to determine whether it’s true they run Illuminati church. Indeed it was true and the image of the church can also be traced to the border of Kenya and Tanzania

email:[email protected]



I called the number and was told to meet them in Nairobi, but I wasn’t interested .However, they told me in case I am interested in future, they can recruit me for free.

Here is the photo of the church

Some of the Illuminati members in Kenya include Prezzo, Kaligraph Jones and Octopizzo.