Judy Wandera Sentenced to 15 Years in Jail for Sleeping with a 16-Year-Old Boy



Judy Wandera could not believe her eyes when a Kisumu Court sentenced her to 15 years in jail.

Today the curtain came down on her case when the court closed a long statement with this short sentence, “I sentence you to 15 years in jail”.Judith cried uncontrollably as she waited for prison wanderers to collect her for Langata Women Prison.

The middle aged woman had slept with a 16-year-old boy who the court claim is a minor.Judy had agreed that indeed she gave him and that the boy looked huge enough to perform the duties. The magistrate listened keenly as Judy baited herself. For Wandera,it was a normal case but for the court, it was an easy but one of the worst cases on the side of the accused.

Moments ago,Jude was put into a truck and taken to Langata Women Hospital. The boy who she defiled is free and riding the boda boda as usual.