How I Was Conned Ksh 1.2 Million By a Workmate—I am Happy I Did This


I am one of those people who trust friends so much that I can take a bullet for one,but last year taught me a lesson not to trust people too much. I work in an NGO in Nairobi where I am an accountant. John used to be my colleague and a Senior to me in the Accounts department, his salary was Ksh 600,000 per month.

Last year August he approached me and requested me to be his guarantor for a loan he was about to take from a SACCO. Since I knew he was my boss and that he was going nowhere, I decided to guarantee him Ksh 800,000. On top of that he explained to me that he had an urgent issue he was solving and he needed Ksh 400,000 to settle it.I went to my bank and forwarded the money to his account.

I had no idea that John was about to quit the job.A month later when the SACCO loan was out,I didn’t see him.For three days ,he never appeared and when I called him,the number was mteja.I decided to go to where he lived so that I can see what was the problem only to be shocked that he had relocated to a different town.

Our employer called us one morning and told us John had secretly handed out resignation letter.I felt like swallowing myself. When I inquired from my colleagues, each of them told me John had borrowed money from them.

I decided to go to Mombasa to look for him,I even reported to the police.But my efforts bore no fruits.

A month later,the SACCO where he had borrowed money wrote a letter to me that John has defaulted and that I will pay on his behalf because I was the guarantor. I thought it was a joke until the following month I found my payslip with a deduction of Ksh 43,000 to the SACCO.This thing pained me until I decided to fight him to the bitter end.

Several options came; the first one was to go to court,the second one to seek traditional help and the third them to hunt him down.But the only option that remained was to seek traditional help.I had the contacts of Dr Mugwenu who had helped me before in recovering my stolen household goods.The contacts are:

The contacts were:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: [email protected]


I called him and explained what had happened. He told me,”give me his Facebook account,his phone number and any detail you have about hime,wait for one week”.

I did as he explained.

The following Saturday, I heard my phone ring and shockingly it was John calling.He explained that for one week he has not slept—every night there are sounds screaming,”rudisha pesa ya Andrew ama tukate wewe kichwa”.He also said his stomach was continuously growing and he is not eating anything.That’s when I told him,”I will give you one week you return my money,ama niwaruhusu wakate kichwa”

He immediately apologized and told me he would pay the Ksh 400 within a week and the loan to the SACCO for the next 2 years.I am happy he learnt a lesson.

If you have someone who has conned you,simply call this number and you’ll be happy:  +254740637248