Highest paid bloggers in Kenya 2022


The bloggers you thought earn a lot of money are broke. There are bloggers and blogs which get low traffic but make a lot of money. Kenyan bloggers make money through AdSense, AdSense alternatives like MGID,affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, direct banners and by selling their own products on the blogs. Others also act as social media influencers.

I know many are wondering how much Kenyan bloggers earn per month. Based on traffic numbers and the number of sponsored articles each blog gets in Kenya, we are able to establish the income of each blogger.

Any blog relying absolutely on AdSense makes Ksh50 to Ksh150 per 1000 views, meaning that if a blog gets 1 million views per month, it generates more than Ksh150, 000.

Here is a list of top earning blogs in Kenya:

  1. Standard Media—Ksh 10 million per month
  2. Nation—Ksh 10 million per month
  3. Citizen TV—Ksh 7 million per month
  4. BuyRent Kenya—Ksh 7 million per month
  5. The Star—Ksh 6 million per month
  6. Cheki—Ksh 5 million per month
  7. Tuko News—Ksh 3 million per month
  8. Brighter Monday—Ksh 3 million per month
  9. Kenyans—Ksh 2 million per month
  10. Ghafla—Ksh 1.2 million per month
  11. Business Daily Africa—Ksh1.2 million
  12. Pulselive Kenya—Ksh 800,000 per month
  13. KahwaTungu(Robert Alai)—Ksh600,000 per month
  14. Mpasho—Ksh400,000 per month
  15. Cyprian Nyakundi—Ksh 250,000 per month
  16. Bizna Kenya—Ksh 300,000 per month
  17. Daily Post Kenya—Ksh200,000 per month

The average monthly income of bloggers in Kenya is Ksh50, 000.Less than30 blogs make over Ksh 100,000 per month.

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