Blogging in Kenya has become a useless profession—it cannot make you rich


Blogging in Kenya is one of the worst professions at the moment. If you want to become rich and progress in life, don’t become a blogger. Blogging was profitable between 2007 and 2022 when Google allowed bloggers to post freely without being limited. From 2023 Google started deliberately not to index content for many bloggers. In 2024 it started favouring big sites like The Star, Standard Media,,Nation,Citizen and other established websites. Even if your content is super good, Google will ignore it and instead index related content from authority sites. Hata kama they copied from a small site, the authority sites will rank higher than your site. Google has not been as free as it used to be years ago where merit was considered. Right now, if you create a new blog, you will wait for at least 15 years to start ranking as good as Nation ,Citizen,Standard or The Star,it doesn’t matter how good your content is,kama wewe ni mgeni,utangoja sana.

Google Core update of 2024 worsened the situation. More than 70% of small blogs lost traffic to authority sites. Hivo ni kuwaambia kwa kipole,”toka soko”.Currently,even with thousands of high quality articles, you will not perform well as a blogger. You will work extremely hard but at the end of the day make Ksh 50 from AdSense. What is Ksh 50?!!!

Right now if you are planning to become a blogger, you better drop the idea. It’s better you start a grocery shop than run a Blog-This is a useless profession at the moment.

The only bloggers who made enough money are those who started earlier. From 2007 to 2022 your efforts paid. You could wake up, create 10 blog posts, get indexed and at the end of the day make Ksh 10,000.But today, even if you post 30 articles per day, making even Ksh 1,000 is a miracle. Your blog can even get 50,000 views and you still make less than Ksh 3,000. This is unfair!

I have interacted with many Kenyan bloggers, most of them want to quit. They efforts aren’t bearing fruits. They can’t spend 20 hours creating content and earn Ksh 3,000 per month. They better look for employment elsewhere.

From this year 2024, Google will lose especially content from Kenyan bloggers. Only the authority sites will remain. Unless the company starts treating bloggers and authority sites fairly, they will see a big change. This will be a blow to Google because they may lack useful information.