How bread companies steal from Kenyans, the actual weight of bread is not the same as the weight indicated on the paper (Photo)


A Kenyan has shocked us when she weighed bread and realized that it’s weighing less than the indicated weight on the paper.The 400 gms bread was weighing 370 grams.

Initially, a bread was 500 grams but later,they reduced the size to 400 grams and increased the price.Currently,bread costs more than Ksh60.

Below is how this Kenyan discovered the theft done by bread companies:

I recently bought a kg of maini in Kilgoris at Kes 500 .When I arrived back at my place I measured the weight on my digital weighing scale .Shockingly, it was 800gm not 1kg .I went back to Kilgoris after a week and bought another 1kg .But this time I wanted to catch the thieves . I realised that they tell you that maini costs 500/ kg but on the digital weighing scale they set the unit price at 550 and hide it away from you ,so they actually eat your 50 bob or 200gm for every kg you buy .They also know that 90% of Kenyans failed in maths ,so they’ll not bother to look at those unit price on the machines. I told the guy to set the unit price at 500 and that is when a protracted battle started. Even the owner of the butchery was shocked that his employees have been setting the unit price at 550 but what he gets is 500 . He said has been losing 1800 daily from the butchery, this is minus what the employees steal from the customers. After the intervention of the owner, I eventually bought that maini at 500/kg .

Then last week, I was in Sirari and I decided to buy rice there since it’s cheaper than in Kenya . I wanted to buy 10kg at 1100 , but before , I asked the saleswoman, who happened to be a Kenyan to measure the weight on her digital weighing scale . I wanted to be sure that I was buying a 10kg bag . The woman vehemently refused and claimed that the machine was not functioning well . I insisted that I was not buying a pre-packed rice without knowing the real weight . She was forced to pack another one instead and used her neighbour’s digital machine. Despite having hundreds of bags of packed rice, she had to pack another one , simply because she didn’t want me to expose her con game .I’m told these women sell 4.5kg of rice as 5kg ,9kg as 10kg and 23kg as 25kg .