Photo of Juliana Cherera with Ali Hassan Joho


Juliana Cherera is one of the IEBC commissioners who disputed the commission’s result. A photo is circulating online showing Juliana sharing saliva with Ali Hassan Joho as they eat a cake.

Juliana Cherera, the disgraced Vice Chair of the IEBC worked for Ali Hassan Joho for 8 years before joining IEBC…
She started off as the Chief Officer, Education in the first term, before being promoted to be the CEO of the Office of the Governor, Mombasa County… Her official title was, Chief Officer, Office of the Governor..

She was always in the numerous foreign trips Joho made as Governor of Mombasa.. And was the person in charge of his finances…

It was curious that someone very very very very very very close to the Deputy Party Leader of ODM could take that position.
Now, it is clear why she was placed there…..

Below are the photos of Juliana Chelela: