SAD!This Luo Explains how Luos feel after Raila lost to Ruto


One Luo man has expressed how Luos feel after Raila lost the presidential race to Ruto.It’s a sad feeling,very sad that it has touched all Kenyans.

Here is the narration:

For me, this loss is not just Raila. This loss has crashed me and I am in fear and maybe confused!

For me, a Raila win meant that I am never going to walk into places and have people whisper or shout, “Watu ya kung’oa reli!” That stereotype and all it’s derivatives are the worst! That once someone figures out my second name, that’s it, I am a hooligan, can’t be tamed and a wild bull!

A Raila win ment that people won’t be coming on the internet and finding it funny to say things like, “Kondele will determine whether schools will open or not.”

A Raila win ment that I wouldn’t have to live with the fear that, “A Njaruo cannot trust a Kikuyu.”

This whole love for Raila runs deep! It supersedes his persona. It goes to rectifying stereotypes that make people think nonsense like “He’s not like the rest of them” are a compliment.

Hurts that once again I am still a brainwashed Njaruo and cursed to never lead this country. I am also a mganga because he who I thought would be my liberator has been christened that by those that hate him.

It hurts, it’s disappointing, it’s death on the spirit! May Raila call for peace and quiet and wish the winner well, may he spare us anymore humiliation and the tags that we will be brandished if he doesn’t let go this time!

Damn, I am going to fail and be told on my face, ‘Kama ule jamaa wenu ameshindwa mara tano na hataki kukubali!’

We will be okay, we will be fine. May not be today, may not be tomorrow, may not be in my lifetime, but we shall get there. Yes, and I have never hid it, for me, it was tribal! But we lost, it’s fine!