Open Letter to Raila Amollo Odinga—this is what his supporters want him to do


Today allow me address you as Raila and not BABA. Kindly forgive me for losing my marners but the pain in my heart is too heavy to say the word BABA because the stupid us, we have rejected you.

Unlike many of us, i have taken time to read you and study you. You have been my literature all through right from the day i wanted to have a taste of politics back in campus. Today you leave an old man, tired of carrying our burdens for over 20 years. You came to us young, vibrant and eloquent but today we send you back, old, “mganga” with a heavy tongue, fully of eternal tears and exhausted.

Your excellence, you gave out your best. You were willing to sacrifice your spirit and your family just for the sake of us. But who are we? We are not ready and never shall we be. Its time you rested. Just like the children of Israel, we have demanded for a king and God has allowed us get what we want.

Many are saying you are an idiot (my apologies once again your excellence) not because you failed academically, or failed to get a wife and marry but rather because you had the system with you and you could not rig the elections. Your excellence, it is us the fools who don’t understand what you stand for. JUSTICE, TRANSPARENCY, INTEGRITY and FAIRNESS.

A child who was adequately trained that anything against these four is a vice will understand but we the fools will always blame you for that. Your moral standards are way far beyond these. And for that i SALUTE YOU your excellence.

If it was in my power, i would not ask you to go to the courts. It is at times better to let us learn from our own mistakes. You have put a good fight and that we promise to carry but after we learn from our own stupidity. But i know you will go to the courts because as a father and grandfather you still love us even when we reject and abuse you. You will still carry our burdens. You will still try and liberate our minds. You will still try and reunite us as Kenyans.