20 Best Places to Visit in Mombasa


If you are planning to visit Mombasa, below is a list of the best places to visit and have fun:

  1. Fort Jesus Museum

This has always been a popular tourist spot in Mombasa for the longest time. It is located along coastline close to the ancient town, a well-maintained evidence of history over the years. It is always open throughout the week except on Sundays.

  • Diani Beach

It is located 30km/19ml South Coast of Mombasa (Kwale County), and one of the biggest beaches on the Indian Ocean Coast. Diani Beach is one of the popular tourist resorts in Kenya, it is a stretched white sand beach with watersports e.g. sailing, snorkeling.

  • Mombasa Marine National Park

Marine National park is famous for its blue waters which are ideal for diving, water skiing etc. It is located between Mtwapa and Tudor Creeks. This national park is a gem trove of colourful corals and sponges, pearl oyster and so much more. It is also an ideal place to visit with children.

  • Haller Park

This Park is located in Bamburi, Mombasa. It was formerly known as Bamburi nature trail but it was later renamed to Haller Park in honour of Dr Rene Haller. Some of the sections of the Haller Park include; fish farm, palm gardens, giraffe viewing area, game sanctuary etc. If you are an animal lover, this is a place for you.

  • Mombasa Tusks

They are popularly recognized and historical monuments which is a landmark to take memorable photos from. You have not visited Mombasa if you fail to pass by the tusks which are absolutely free to see and touch let alone taking photos.

  • Mamba Village Centre

It is located in Nyali and it is the biggest crocodile farm in East Africa.There is also horse riding facilities.

  • Bamburi Beach

A beautiful place to go for vacation with family. It has calm waters and soft sand for relaxation. You will also get to enjoy water sports and camel rides.

  • Wild Waters

It has various water riding activities, both wet and dry. The rides vary with one’s age and there are also various other activities to refresh your body and soul together.

  • North Coast Beaches

Here you will be captivated by the white sand, beautiful ambience and breath taking coral reefs.

  1. Mombasa Old Town

It is an interesting town full of history located in the south- east of Mombasa. Here you’ll see and take photos of amazing Architecture with amazing designs from back in the day.

  1. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

It is located around Bamburi area. Here you can see varieties of animals, from ostriches to giraffes. A beautiful place to explore with picnics and guides.

  1.  Pirates Beach

Anybody going to Mombasa should be able to visit this beach since it is absolutely free! Yes, Pirate beach belongs to the government and they do not charge any fee to visit. It is beautiful and has street vendors, here you can buy and taste all varieties of street food.

  1.  Bombolulu Workshop & Cultural Centre

This Centre makes a range of household accessories uniquely created by people with disability. Here you’ll get to see jewelry, wood, textile, and leather items, creatively created and experience different Kenyan cultures. The environment atmosphere is friendly

  1. Maasai Market

This is a market where varieties of beautiful local hand crafts are created and sold.

  1.  Tamarind Dhow

This is a restaurant known for its delicious steak and sea food. It offers the best dining experiences and has the best ambience.

  1. Moorings Restaurants

One of the best restaurants located in Mtwapa Mombasa. It has the best ambience, views to the sea and sea food. They are also price friendly.

  1. Nyali Beach

This is another free beach which belongs to the government. Here there are different water activities to enjoy.

  1. Shreev Cutch Satsung Swaminarayan Temple

It is a beautiful temple located in Haile Selasie road in Mombasa.

  1.  Mombasa Go-Kart

They have a wide range of family friendly activities and a restaurant.

  •  Jumba la Mtwana

Popularly known to be Swahili abandoned village away from Mombasa city. It is a beautiful place to learn and take memorable photos from.