WhatsApp conversation between Mourice Chichi Choge and his wife,here is why he died


Mourice Chichi Choge is the man who died today after being frustrated by his wife. The AFC Leopards Secretary General lost his job early this year, he was forced to stay indoors and depend on his wife to pay bills for a while as he looks for the next available job opportunity. But soon after losing his job, the wife started madharau,she could even sleep with other men when Mourice is aware.

The man was so frustrated, he couldn’t stomach the nonsense anymore, he left the marriage to go and live with his mother. Last week he came to Nairobi briefly only for the wife to mistreat him again. Today morning, he collapsed in the house and died.

A WhatsApp conversation has been trending of Mourice informing his wife that he is done with the marriage. Below is the conversation: