I married this woman with 2 boys from her previous relationships, I am regretting


This man married a woman with 2 boys from the previous relationships. This is what happened to him:

“I married my wife 25 years ago. She came to the marriage with two boys from her previous marriage.

I really loved them and adopted the kids as my own children, since I’m not medically fit to have a child of my own we stayed together as one family with nobody ever knowing they aren’t my biological children.

We stayed peacefully in rented houses. I was working back then and made sure to take my adopted kids to the best of schools, their biological father never ever came to claim them or even offered them any support, I took it upon myself to support them as their father.

The boys were very bright in school and as I write this, one is now a doctor who got a full scholarship to finish his studies in an ivy league university in USA. He is back and already employed.

The second boy is a pilot with whom I used all my life savings to pay for his course expensive piloting school in South Africa, he is also back and employed too.

My happiness is that my boys are successful, they have bought big houses, and are living their best lives.

My problem is that my wife and my two boys have reunited with their biological dad and now living happily together as a family.

They seem to have abandoned me here, i can’t even pay my rent anymore, I retired long ago, i have been moving from one relative to another for a place to sleep, they don’t even pick my phone calls anymore.

Please what do I do now? my life is so miserable”


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