Giovanni Trapattoni – Juventus’ best coach in terms of the number of matches played


“Juventus” is the most titled club in Italy. It has a lot of trophies, which the Turin team has won on both domestic and international stages. If you want not only to follow the matches of the team, but also to earn on them, you can go to All of the team’s matches are covered here.

There have been many great mentors in the history of “Juventus”. If we talk about record-breakers, the first would be Giovanni Trapattoni. He has played 596 games as a mentor of the “Old Lady”. It is noticeably more than any of his pursuers have done.

The Italian specialist has twice led “Juventus”. The first time it was in the period from 1976 to 1986. Five years later, Trapattoni returned. After that, he was at the helm of the team for 3 more seasons.

Giovanni is one of the most successful coaches in the history of the club. These are just some of his major victories:

  • Italian Champion (6): 1977, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986;
  • Italian Cup winner (2): 1979, 1983;
  • UEFA Cup Winner: 1977, 1993;
  • Winner of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1984;
  • European Cup Winner: 1985;
  • European Super Cup winner: 1984;
  • Intercontinental Cup winner: 1985.

In fact, it was under Trapattoni’s leadership that “Juventus” started to perform successfully on the international stage. If you are still interested in the team today, go to and choose 1xBet there. It is the first step towards not just watching the team’s matches, but also earning on them.

The main trump cards of the Italian specialist

Trapattoni was quite a tough and demanding coach. Nevertheless, he could always find a common language with his charges. Therefore, there was almost always a good atmosphere in his clubs. By the way, perform Betin login to not only follow the matches of such teams, but also to earn on them. 

If we talk about his career at “Juventus”, it turned out to be rich and successful. The strong points of this specialist include:

  1. Detailed study of each opponent. Thanks to this, “Juventus” perfectly utilized the weaknesses of opponents. The team sometimes had just one moment to decide the outcome of the match in their favor.
  2. Ability to work with stars. For example, he had Michel Platini at “Juventus” – perhaps the best player of the 1980s. It was under Trapattoni’s guidance that the Frenchman demonstrated almost the most brilliant soccer of his career.
  3. Reliable play in defense. “Juventus” under his leadership conceded very little. This team was a model of reliable play.

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