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How To Pick Lucky Numbers in Lotto Kenya and Win Jackpot



In Lotto you can win a jackpot of up to Sh100 million but it all depends on how best you will choose the 7 golden and lucky numbers.

You should be aware that this type of game is best for people who are naturally lucky and those who can closely monitor the exact numbers picked each week.

One secret you should know is that this week’s numbers will not be repeated the following week but one of the numbers might appear in 2 consecutive weeks.

In order to win, you should be keen enough to know the history of the game and the draws that have been done each week.

The laws of probability are complex and in order to be sure of winning, you must play more than one million times for a single jackpot, which is next to impossibility.

So, the best thing to do is to avoid repeating the numbers that appeared in three previous draws, chances are that none of the numbers can appear in the current draw. You have now remained with less numbers to work with.

Now divide the numbers into 4 and from each quarter pick a single number. Then go ahead and pick three numbers at random. Ensure the numbers you picked did not appear in the previous three draws.

The most important secret to know here is that, since winning hard, don’t ever make a mistake of playing ones. The more you play the game using the procedure above the higher your chances of winning.



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