Luo Man Divorces His Wife After Seeing Her for the First Time Without Make Up



A Luo man has divorced his two months wife after seeing her for the first time without make up.

Onyango, who lives in Kileleshwa, made the controversial decision after realizing his wife, Njeri, is not as beautiful as she used to be when they got married.

“I am a bitter man.The worst happened when Njeri went to take a shower. I usually wake up early for work and leave her in bed. This time I was on leave and as usual she went to shower. What I saw even God forbids. The woman appeared like a monster, ugly, full of pimples and flaws. I asked her, “are you Njeri I know”, she replied,”kwani what do you see”.

My head started aching as a pondered on the next move.I told myself,”I can’t live with a cheat”. That’s when I told her to pack everything and go,my ego won’t allow me to love with such a creature.

Look at her?