How My Hotel Business Grew From Making Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 10,000 Per Day


How My Hotel  Business Grew From Making Ksh 1,000 to Ksh 10,000 Per Day

I am one of those people who believe in hard work and that is what I have practiced over time. But one thing happened to me last year which I want to mention.

I never thought I could engage someone to help me grow my business but circumstances forced me to. I started an hotel in Kisumu near Kondele.It was in 2014.The capital for this business was Ksh 1.5 million, which I believed could bring something substantial. One week into starting the business, I was happy customers were flowing in.I started making profits and in a day I would make up to Ksh 3,000.

I continued to do the business and I was excited it was picking up. From Monday to Saturday, the hotel was full with customers and it reached a time even sitting space was a problem especially during lunch hours.

In 2016, I experienced the worst nightmare. A building which was under construction was successfully completed. It was situated directly opposite my hotel. I thought it would house people who could buy from my hotel only to discover that ground floor had been taken by an individual who would later set up a hotel. I was upset. Lost for words and almost closed mine.

The restaurant was opened in October 2016.when it started operating, I felt the impact. My hotel, which had a constant income of Ksh 3,000-Ksh5, 000 per day dropped in revenue to less than Ksh800.I thought the situation would could with time but as days went by, my profits dimmed. At one point I thought of closing the business but my passion dictated otherwise.

One evening, as I was sharing my story with a friend,she informed me of a solution,which I wasn’t much comfortable with but since I was desperate,I resolved to give it a try.Mama Atieno,as we commonly refer her to, introduced me to Dr mugwenu,who she told me would overturn the misfortunes. She then gave me this number to call, +254740637248.When I called,we talked about my issue and the traditional herbalist gave me an appointment.

But before I went for the solution,I checked details about the Dr,which I would like to share:

Contact herbalist Dr. Mugwenu

For consultation call: +254740637248

Or drop a line at [email protected]


I also noticed several top blogs have written much about the Dr.After getting satisfied with positive reviews of the herbalist, I decided to honour the appointment.

To cut the story short, I got help from him and my daily revenue shot to more than Ksh10, 000 per day.