Forget about Sportpesa, Here are Betting Companies With the Highest Jackpots in the World



In Kenya, Sportpesa and Mylotto Kenya have the highest amount in jackpots, which is in the tune of Ksh200 million. Thought this amount looks humongous, there are lotteries that have jackpots in the tune of Ksh14 billion.

These lottery games are open to every citizen and they conduct their draws at least once a week. Even if you are a Kenyan, you are allowed to participate as long as you have attained age 18.

To participate in any of the games, you are required to provide personal details and deposit amounts into your account. You will use the money to place your bets and wait to win the money.

Here is a list of best betting games in the world:

From the list provided above,there is no jackpot with winning amount less than $2 million.The biggest is Powerball,which is more than $13 million.

The good thing about all these jackpots is that you can play from any part of the world.Once you have signed up,you will use a paypal account or your ATM card to deposit betting amount,then use the amount to bet.If you want to open an account and play in one of the jackpots,here is a free link(sign up link)

I know you may wonder wither the lotteries are genuine.Here we only recommend genuine products.If you search for any information concerning the lotteries we have listed above,no where you will find negative reviews.So the idea of losing your money to fraudsters won’t arise.