What is happening at IEBC?!!!They Have Done This Again



The Independent electoral and Boundaries Commission has cancelled a meeting that was scheduled for today until further notice.

The meeting was expected to occur between the commission and presidential candidates, but the deeply divided commission cancelled it the last minute without providing convincing reasons.

Sources within IEBC say things are thick within the commission-it has reached a moment where no commission is taking orders from the Chair.Chebukati is isolated and almost pushed out of the commission by other commissioners, who he revealed during yesterday’s press conference that they are no longer with him.

It’s been confirmed that Chebukati is simply buying time. He is waiting for the right time, probably next Tuesday to announce his resignation. Even from yesterday’s press conference, his body language sent a clear signal, that he is not interested in the job anymore.

As of today, Kenyans left wondering what next as anger from Jubilee and NASA reach boiling point.Lets wait and see!!!