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Fastest Growing Blogs In Kenya


Over 40,000 blogs have so far been registered in Kenya, but nearly 90% of them have stagnated. Even so, there are a couple of others growing exponentially to the surprise of the dominant blogs in the blogosphere.

This year has been quite unnerving for bloggers who overtly depended on Facebook to attract traffic to their website. Well-oiled players like Tuko changed tact from their usual breaking news stories for longer optimized articles. Pulse Live Kenya competed with financially constrained bloggers to share stories on social media groups. The introduction of Facebook algorithm hit the blog really hard.

Fortunately, the Ringier owned blog is now aggregated on Opera Mini.Tuko has over 2 million followers on Facebook while Plive has a decent following of 500,000 plus followers. However, some blogs-both new and abit mature in the field-have proved resilient. We take a look at the fastest growing blogs in Kenya.


This is by far one of the fastest growing blogs in Kenya. The site attempts to shade light on the source and how public officers acquired their wealth. Whownskenya was the most relevant blog during the campaign dubbed #WeKnowYourSalary on twitter as most social media users relied on the site to expose super wealthy politicians. The blog tries to be factual as it can be given the lengths public officers go to conceal their wealth.


Business Today has proved to be a source of reliable news. The blog was the first to break news of Larry Madowo departure to BBC months before he tendered his resignation at NTV. Business Today has well placed sources within media houses who leak news before other blogs pick it.


Blogging in Kenya is synonymous with Ghalfa.com. The site was written off after the Ringier buy-out deal went begging. The Majani owned site revamped and has gone continental.


This is one of the few sites only dedicated to phone reviews. It has informative and well thought out reviews on a wide selection of phones. Those who are keen on buying new phones can visit the site.


The blog has great potential thanks to its well-researched articles that touch on all spheres of human resource. This site will surpass big players like BrighterMonday if it they maintain the tempo.