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Hilarious facts About Raila—I am Down with Laughter


Here are hilarious facts about former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who is also planning to contest for presidency in 2022:

  1. Raila knew of this Facebook post in 327AD
    2. When Raila says your wife is expecting, don’t argue, start buying pampers
    3. Raila knew of the Arturs immediately their mothers conceived them
    4. Raila knew of Waiguru’s plot when it was still a dream
    5. Raila counted to Infinity. Twice
    6. Raila killed two rocks with one bird
    7. Raila doesn’t sleep, he waits.
    8. Raila doesn’t wear a watch; he decides what time it is.
    9. Raila doesn’t turn on the shower; he stares at it until it starts to cry.
    10. Raila Can see the sound.
    11. Raila left before he arrived.
    12. When Raila bite zombies, they turn into humans
    13. If you have five Shillings and Raila has five Shillings, Raila has more money than you.
    14. Raila can speak Braille.
    15. When Raila crosses the Street, cars look both ways.
    16. Raila has a diary. It’s called Guinness Book of World Records.
    17. Death once had a near-Raila experience.
    18. Raila can cut a knife with butter.
    19. Raila peeled a knife with an aple
    20. Raila threw a grenade and killed 50 people. Then the grenade exploded
    21. Raila has a bear as his carpet. The bear is not dead, it is just afraid to move
    22. Raila doesn’t walk the Earth rolls under him.
    23. When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, Raila was waving on him from the sun.
    24. Raila wears sun glasses to protect the sun from his eyes


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