Latest news from IEBC on presidential polls Today,12/8/2022


News from IEBC indicate that DP Ruto is ahead, he might win with over 100,000 votes. The commission already knows who will become the president but they are trying to manage Raila supporters. Though they are tallying votes for each constituency, sources say that they had already tallied votes for all the 290 constituencies, they are only confirming the physical forms submitted to the IEBC.

DP Ruto is projected to win with50.7% against Raila who will garner 48.5%.Already, politicians aligned to Ruto are celebrating the win but they haven’t told their supporters.

Media houses were instructed not to continue with the tallying of votes as IEBC wait to confirm the winner. There is tension on social media as Kenyans wait to know their next leader.

IEBC has promised to release the finally tally latest Monday 15th August 2022.