Kenyan man Prince John in tears after Sylvia Mbeere Did this leading to cancellation of their wedding


Prince John is in tears. The man from Mount Kenya was to marry Sylvia Mbeere in November this year but the unfortunate happened. He has revealed that Sylvia has been cheating on him but he didn’t discover. Even as he introduced her to his parents, he was still cheating.

“Like how can you be dating someone, you take her home for introduction. You also go to her home for introduction. You’re in the middle of preparing for ‘RURACIO’- Dowry, you’re attending Pre-marital Classes together. We had scheduled our wedding for November then you find out she has been cheating on you with another man. This is not the first time I’m finding out,I found out the first time & I got really hurt. If you remember like a month ago, I requested you people to pray for me though I didn’t give exact reason….Yaani I gave my everything to make it work,I can’t believe it”

John ranted on Facebook.

John claims that Sylvia took advantage of his kindness to the extent of throwing rotten eggs on his face.

“Why did you have to take advantage of man who genuinely love & cares. Yaani nimeishi kutamani kuwa na mke na watoto but everytime I come across ladies who use me. Even the strongest person has a breaking point. It doesn’t mean they are suddenly weak. It just means that someone has pushed them too far

When Sylvia was told that the wedding has been cancelled, she wasn’t moved.