Maina Nganga’s Church bleeding, this is what’s happening after the Limuru Accident


maina nganga

Pastor Maina Ngang’a is not a happy man anymore after causing a deadly accident that resulted to the death of a woman.

The Pastor went underground immediately he was released on a cash bail of Sh 500,000.It’s believed he’s coming to terms with the unfortunate event.

Ngang’a, who owns the Neno Evangelism Centre, is still the pastor at the church but shocking things are happening there. According to one of his confidants, the church used to collect close to Sh 400,000 per weekend but since the Limuru incident, he has been collecting few coins: on a lucky day he collects Sh20, 000, which is not even enough to pay his assistants.

When we visited his church two weeks ago, we noticed that it was half empty, which was not the case before the accident. The Pastor was seen sweet talking followers to remain united, forget about the past and soldier on. He has lost a mammoth; he is now remaining with gullible and desperate followers.

He used to have more than 20 assistants but majority have defected to Kiuna’s church where there is peace and a generous crowd. The remaining few are undecided but they’ve vowed to leave Ngang’a if things don’t get back to normal.

The Pastor’s case is still in court and is expected to defend himself next year against murder charges. His lawyer, Cliff Ombeta disqualified himself from representing the pastor.It’s tough for this man of God.


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