Best Subaru Cars To Buy in Kenya: List of Subaru Models in Kenya



Subaru is a luxury car but one of the best cars to cruise on Kenyan roads. There are several models manufactured by the Subaru company but not all the models are available in the country..

If you need a quality and durable luxury car then Subaru should be your first option.

One thing I like about Subaru is that it can cover the longest distance you could dream of.It can also serve you as long as you need it.

With as little as Sh 900, 000, you can own a Subaru in Kenya.But most Subaru cars range from Sh 1.2 million-Sh 4 million.

Below is a list of Subaru cars in Kenya

  1. Subaru Legacy
  2. Subaru Impreza
  3. Subaru Forester
  4. Subaru Outback
  5. Subaru Legacy

The list provided above belongs to Subaru models most common in Kenya, affordable and durable. You can either acquire one from a car bazaar or import used one or buy a brand new one with zero mileage.