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Why Mutahi Ngunyi Hate Raila


Why Mutahi Ngunyi hates Raila Odinga is a question on the lips of many Kenyans.

Mutahi Ngunyi has been attacking Raila Odinga left,right and centre since 2013 elections, anyone could question why.

This month he wrote on his Twitter account that Raila Odinga is the ‘Lord of Poverty’. He went ahead and called all the Luos and Luhya,whom Raila leads, as ‘Poverty Striken’

His tweets forced the Law Society of Kenya to threaten him with court action; he later apologized.

The Nairobian interviewed him this week to seek reasons why the Political Analyst hates Raila like hell. His answer is the most obvious, he is a “turn coat”

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, Raila is someone you cannot trust, today you agree to do this and tomorrow he is out there revealing the secrets and embarrassing you in public.

During Kanu era, Raila entered agreement with Moi but later he divorced KANU and formed his party.

“Our Moses was Raila, and we sent him to negotiate with Pharoah, only for him to turn his back on us. He got invited into Pharaoh’s table and he forgot about his Israelites.” Said Mutahi

Mutahi adds that during the 2007 elections Raila and Kibaki signed agreement to form a coalition only for him to bring trouble in the government.