What next for Raila after Ruto was declared president—here is what he plans to do


Raila Odinga is now the undisputed opposition leader.The former Azimio presidential candidate has not appeared in public since Ruto was elected the president. Sources from Karen, his home, indicate that he is planning to hold a press conference to address the nation. He has opted to dispute the presidential result and claim that IEBC did not conduct the process in a fair manner.

Azimio has drafted a petition which will be heard by the Supreme Court.He will be represented by James Orengo,Makau Mutua,Donald Kipkorir among other lawyers.

Raila is also planning to negotiate with President William Ruto in order to get a share of the government, but Ruto has refused to listen to him and instead claimed that Raila should play his rightful role of opposition.

President Kenyatta is also in the office, he is the one pushing Raila to go to the Supreme Court in order for him to continue ruling and ensure that he competes his family projects.Raila will be financed by Uhuru and other friends.

Raila has instructed his bloggers and politicians around him to motivate his supporters to claim the election was not fair and free. He is also planning to use the 4 commissioners who disputed the result in the Supreme Court case.

But going by the opinion of many Kenyans, it’s highly unlikely that the result will be overturned.

“Article 138(10) of the Constitution provides that the Chairperson of IEBC shall declare the results of the presidential election. The law does not demand quorum. Differently put, walkout by four Commissioners taints but does not invalidate the results”,Lawyer Steve Ogolla said

The best Raila will do is to concede defeate.Even if the election will be repeated, the Kikuyu population will vote to the last man and he will be defeated again.