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Shocking Facts About Meru Men



Meru men are among the GEMA tribes in Kenya, with an estimated population of 900,000.

To cut the story short, below are shocking characteristics that describe this great tribe.

They are extremely arrogant and violent

One thing that the Meru community shares with the Kisii is that their men are extremely arrogant. With slight provocation, a Meru man can slash you into pieces and smiles afterwards.

They are very good in bed

Meru men are known to be very good in bed, despite being slim. They can make you scream.

Chewing Miraa is a hobby

Meru is a hotbed of Miraa-even Obama knows.

It is rare to find a Meru man who is not addicted to chewing miraa

They are loyal

Meru men can easily be trusted. They are among the most loyal communities in the country.

They are ambitious

When it comes to hard work and ambition, Meru men are never left behind. In fact, they are grouped together with Kikuyu, Kisii and Somali.

They are not husband materials

Meru men don’t know how to treat women. They always think women are their property.

If you want a man who cannot give you breathing space, then marry a Meru man.